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Eyelash Extensions -

Individual Classic Lashes 
These are single lashes applied to each and every lash of your own, giving a softer and more natural look, perfect for those just wanted a little more length and fullness, lots of different lengths, curls, thicknesses to suit your lashes and your preference.

Full Set                                                £50.00
Infills(usually every 2-3 weeks)          £20.00
Removal Only                                     £15.00

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- Classic Lashes

Russian Volume Lashes 
These are still single lashes that have been placed together to form a fan affect, completely lightweight, very natural yet adding more flare, more fullness and thickness to eyes, lasting up to 4 weeks, and very popular! lots of different lengths, curls, and thicknesses to suit your lashes and your preference.

Full Set                                               £66.00
Infills ( usually every 3/4 weeks)      £29.00
Removal of lashes                             £15.00

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- Volume Lahes


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- Volume Lashes

Party/ Cluster Lashes 
These are clusters/ have bulb base which is applied across/on top off your own lashes giving a more glamorous look and lasting up to 2 weeks, perfect for a weekend away.
Full Set                                           £29.00

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- Cluster Lashes

Aftercare is very important, please do not pull out the lashes, do not apply strip lashes over the top, be careful not to lean/ sleep on the sides of your face, be careful when removing eye make up and try not to rub your eyes too much, proper eye cleansing is important, and regular brushing to help keep them in shape and brush out any loose lashes.
Come and see me for removal and infills rather than taking them off yourself, you will cause more damage than good.


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