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Caci Muscle Tightening Facial -
This a gentle muscle stimulating treatment that re educates, tightens and tones all the muscles in the face giving a firmer and tighter feel, whilst reducing lines and wrinkles, increasing hydration and improving collagen production, this facial is world famous and still no1 in non surgical face lifting treatments used by Jlo, Barbara Windsor, Dale Winton, Martine McCutcheon, Lisa Snowden, Gillian Tayworth, Cliff Richards and many more...

Caci Full Face Treatment                  £33.00
Caci Eyes                                           £18.00
Course of 12 Caci Full Face             £264.00
(This is paying for 8, and 2 facials free)
A course is recommended for full effect and maintained monthly.

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Microdermabrasion -
This is a deep exfoliation facial, using tiny crystals that exfoliate and buff off dead skin, whilst increasing circulation and blood flow which improves hydration, reduces lines, buff away scarring, pigmentation, dark circles, reducing puffy eyes and leaving the skin feeling clean, fresh and glowing!

Microdermabrasion 30m                     £40.00
Course of 6                                            £190.00
319745 10150890694959677 1296700074 n(This is paying for 5, getting 1 facial free plus an extra £10 off)

Caci & Microdermabrasion  -               £66.00
Best of both! having muscle and skin work done together in one session for the best of both results! muscle tightening and skin polishing for the smoothest, cleanest and firmest face you couldn't ask for more, plus saving some money this way!

Eve Taylor Organic Facials -
These products are completely organic and aromatherapy based, using the finest and purest ingredients from fruit extracts and enzymes, botanical extracts, the purest essential oils, smells amazing! feels amazing! does not test on animals, does not use paragons, formaldehyde, or any other nasty ingredients! products to suit all skin type, these facials are hands on and the most relaxing and rejuvenating facials you can have, a must try!

30 minutes                                             £26.00
Double cleanse, exfoliate, aromatherapy facial massage face mask, tone, moisturise and eye cream, perfect for those short of time but want skin rejuvenation with added relaxation.

60 minutes                                             £39.00
Double cleanse, double exfoliation, aromatherapy facial massage, face mask, scalp massage, neck and shoulder massage/ or hand and arm massage, tone, moisturise, eye cream, this facial is pampering and relaxing ! 

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Skin Peels -
Using the very powerful and effective range Cell Biologique which has powerful ingredients suitable for all skin types, the skin peel treatment is perfect for those short on time perfect to fit in your lunch hour! Cleanse, Skin Prep, Peel, Neutralise, and Moisturise, the peel resurfaces 5 layers of the skin, brightens, resurfaces, rejuvenates,  plumps, fights the signs of ageing as well as preventing the signs of ageing.
Very popular due to its effective results.
If you suffer from Pigmentation, Scarring, Uneven Skin Tone, Wrinkles and Lines, Dull Dry Skin, Active Breakouts then this is worth a try!

30 minutes                                  £45.00

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