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Swedish Full Body Massage 
A firm pressure, massage techniques that get into those tense and aching muscles.
Full Body Massage 60m                      £40.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30m                £20.00

Aromatherapy Full Body Massage 
A light pressure massage, using blended essential oils for your needs, to sooth the body, mind and spirit, very relaxing, using acu pressure and reflex points to sooth away the tension.  
Full Body Massage 60m                       £33.00
Back, Neck & Shoulders 30m               £17.00

Hot Stones Full Body Massage      
Using hot volcanic stones of all shapes and sizes, being used to massage into those sore and aching areas, combined heat from the stones, massage oil and the massage moves this is the ultimate relaxation! one to try!
Full Body Massage 60m                   £42.00
Back, Neck & Shoulder 30m             £26.00

Working on the feet, using reflex and act pressure points to help balance the body mind and spirit, fantastic for those who suffer from poor sleep, stress, hormonal problems, headaches and much more ! A real treat! 

45 minutes                                       £25.00

Pregnancy Massage 
Areas pampered are legs and feet, hands and arms, face and scalp, and back, neck and shoulders, perfect for all those aching areas! MUST BE OVER 16 WEEKS, ANY MAJOR HEALTH PROBLEMS OR COMPLICATIONS THEN PLEASE DISCUSS WITH ME BEFORE BOOKING.

45 minutes                                         £25.00

Pregnancy Package
Luxury Pedicure, Mini Manicure, Pregnancy Massage, 30 Minute Organic Facial, and 1 small waxing area (lip/brows/chin/standard bikini line/under arm.

All This Pampering                        £85.00
(saving £26.00 thats basically the facial for free)


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