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                   SEMI PERMANENT MAKE UP

This is also referred to as Permanent Make Up where permanent pigments made of pure, inorganic minerals are placed into the upper layers of the skin for up to 5 years and is hypo-allergenic, it is a fantastic way to enhance your features, giving your eyebrows, eyes and lips more shape, definition and colour.

 Do any of the following apply to you:

  • Wear make up everyday but want to wake up and its done? 

  • Have allergies to conventional make up?

  • Lack hairs/ shape to your eyebrows from over plucking and want your eyebrows back?

  • Have you had chemotherapy and lost eyebrow hairs or eyelashes?

  • A sports person and worry about make up smudging from sweating?

  • Alopecia sufferer?

  • Vision impaired and have difficulty applying make up?

  • Have unsteady hands and cannot apply make up through Arthritis, MS, Parkinson's Disease etc?

  • Professional women, entertainers, media figures, models, actresses?

Then Semi Permanent Make Up is perfect for you, you can resume normal activities straight away, there is only a little swelling and redness and does go down quickly.
The treatment is very safe with strict hygiene and sterilisation standards, sterile cartridges, and an allergy test is done prior to the treatment. The treatment itself can be a little uncomfortable, for most people it is not a problem at all, and anaesthetic is applied before and during the process.
I  I do have a portfolio to view, and a deposit is taken when booking is made, all areas will need a colour top up session 4-6 weeks after, this is also included in the price.


I offer a number of different eyebrow techniques such as Ombre, Hair Stroke, Shaded Hair Stroke, Block and Combination styles, the price includes any of these styles just depending what you prefer and also this is what the consultation is for to discuss what will suit you.

Eyebrows                                        £300.00

This adds definition and colour to either the top, bottom or both eyelids, this starts by applying anaesthetic to area for 15 minutes, then area is prepped and treatment can begin, minimal discomfort, lasts well and looks amazing! there are softer techniques for a more subtle look.

Top or Bottom eyeliner                  £200.00

Top and Bottom eyeliner               £280.00 

This adds shape, contour and colour, giving the lips a fuller look.

Lipliner Only                                   £200.00
Liner only to give shape and fuller looking lips

Lipliner and Blush                         £250.00
Blending the colour into the rest of the lips for a full lip colour, once healed vert soft and subtle but stands out enough to look amazing!

(If you suffer from cold sores please take precautions before having treatment as it may trigger them).

PLEASE REMEMBERThese areas will be more exact and dark when it is first treated, the skin will take 3-7 days to return to normal.
It is normal for colour to soften around 30% during this initial period you must always use a sunscreen on make up to prevent colour change and loss. 


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