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Home Teeth Whitening Kits

These kits are genuine, safe and easy to use, from a genuine Teeth Whitening Professional brand, i have sold hundreds of these kits and never had any problems, they are safe to use but you do need to use regular and apply for the full length of time advised with instructions, the 10% strength is better for those that suffer from sensitive teeth and are beginners are whitening, the 16% is stronger and therefore works quicker but maybe cause some mild sensitivity which passes in a few hours.
kits come with whitening gels, mouth guards, container for mouth guards, and thorough instructions, please be aware if you need any dentistry/ known work to be done please see your dentist before ANY form or whitening, as i am in no way a dentist or have any knowledge about teeth, my training and experience is purely about whitening.

10% Strength with 6 gels                        £45.00
10% Strength top up packs of 6 gels      £27.00 

16% Strength with 6 gels                       £58.00
16% Strength top up pack of 6 gels       £33.00
New mouth guards                                £6.00

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